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We wanted to share some photos from last week’s very fun day of sledding at the Sutter farm.  There are also some large photos from the weekend on the wall at the church which we hope you will stop and admire this week as you walk through the entry way.  Here, too, is a thoughtful note from Wanda Sutter:

Church Friends,
If you missed the sledding:  It was a beautiful day, not much of any wind to speak of, cold enough to keep the snow from melting, and we had a beautiful light snow fall, which set the mood!  Appears everyone had a wonderful time.  There was the perfect amount of snow to make the hill slick, but not so much that it was hard to move about in to get back up the hill. Kids and adults alike agreed that the hill was really fast!  We had about 55 show up to enjoy the afternoon.   -Wanda Sutter