On Sunday, November 22, 2015 we invite you to be a part of a special morning of worship and a “birthday” brunch to celebrate the people of this congregation who are 90 years or older.

Celebrate 90:  Worship

We will turn to the story of Abraham & Sarah which reminds us of the remarkable ways God can use, even, the oldest among us.  Abraham & Sarah acted on faith, the best they knew how, and would experience great blessings in their older age.  It is a story that models faithfulness to the young of our congregation and a story that empowers the oldest among us.

Celebrate 90:  Birthday Brunch

The WMW group is working to plan the event.  Details should be forthcoming over the next two weeks.  We hope that you will mark this day on your calendar and be a part of this momentous occasion  (There will be no Sunday School that week, but people of all ages are invited to the celebratory brunch)!

90 to ‘Celebrate 90’:

The hostesses have created a goal:  90 people in church on this Sunday. If everyone who attends monthly, will come on this one week we can easily make this goal.  We hope that you will make plans to attend!

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