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Every year the people called United Methodists gather together to worship, hold one another accountable (kinda like John Wesley), celebrate ministries, ordain new pastors and learn from one another.  This year, the United Methodists of downstate Illinois (the Illinois Great Rivers Conference) will gather June 8-11.  All clergy must attend conference as well as lay people from each parish.

Kathy Fulks is our representative to Annual Conference this year and will represent our interests, along with Rev. Carnes.  There are a couple of items that are of interests to the Hudson UMC:

The finance committee is proposing that the operational budget of the conference be reduced by $194,000 in 2017 which is a 2.5% decrease from 2016.  This will be good news for us over time if the conference can continue making cuts.

BD182FDE208148CBA4DB7F90A2E4FF13_KeatonOfficial PhotoOur bishop, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Keaton, will retire in September (at which time we will receive a new bishop).  Bishop Keaton has led a long and distinguished career.  The conference will thank Bishop Keaton for his service on Thursday night at a conference wide dinner in order to honor his ministry.