Four of our college students, Blaire, Maren, Megan and Ryan are going on a mission trip over Spring Break.  This mission trip is with the United Methodist Wesley Foundation (campus ministry) at ISU and Hudson United Methodist Church is going to support them.

The church leadership gathered in January and immediately committed to supporting this mission trip with a special collection on Feb. 5 and 12.  They guaranteed, however, at least $800 from our mission fund if we fell short of that amount during the February collection.

Though this is a mission trip in which college students will, directly, participate.  It is a mission trip that can be a part of our ministries, here, at Hudson United Methodist Church and when they come back with remarkable stories: we can take pride in the work done by (and faith grown in) these remarkable young people!


To date we have raised over $1400 and well on our way toward fully funding our four students, but of the 30 students participating in this trip, many of them have need of scholarship.  On Feb 12 we will conclude our campaign and hope to not only fully cover our students but to assist others with small scholarships!  Please continue to give generously.


I am the pastor at Hudson UMC