Our Mission & Vision

We believe that this church and the community of Hudson have extraordinary days ahead.  We believe that as hearts & minds turn toward Jesus and our faith community enlarges we will act on our faith in new ways.  We hope that if you are considering a new church home, you will join with us to act with faith on this community and world.  Together with Christ, great things have been and will be accomplished.

Hudson United Methodist Church is a small family, but we have a bold vision for transformation.  Our vision is:

    1. to be a church of prayer, individually & as a church family;
    2. to find creative ways to teach scripture & faith, especially through small groups & our children’s ministry;
    3. celebrate God with vibrant worship and music;
    4. to multiply our mission & outreach to meet the needs of congregation, community and world;
    5. to join with other churches and groups to make a difference in this community and world.

Church is too often used as a noun.  It is too often thought of as a place to go, but Christ calls the church to move and change all the time. Join us as we continually ready ourselves to act with the Holy Spirit in our community and the world.  In other words, for us, Church is an action word:  a verb.  It is a living, breathing community which is always at work and always changing to make God more visible in this world.